Who are you?

I am Dan Rathbone, a software engineer from Leeds, UK.  Trilemma Technology is my consulting company and this site houses information about the company, myself and also my blog.

I have worked in the software development industry for 11 years in a variety of private and public sector organisations, both large and small (5 – 170,000 employees). I have specialised in building web-based systems that operate at large scale. High performance, high traffic, highly available, highly scalable. I take a full-stack approach to building systems and choose not to focus too much on any one specific technology. To that end I class myself  as a “generalist” software engineer. I also have many years of leading and managing technical teams.

If  you’d like to know more about me or what I’ve been up to you can read my CV or tweet me

My blog  aims to surface some of the things I’m learning along the way in the hope that someone else may find the information useful. Some posts will be highly technical and thoroughly researched, some may be fuming tirades full of conjecture and spin, but hopefully someone somewhere will find them useful and/or amusing! 🙂


Current Position

I’m currently working for the Health and Social Care Information Centre (part of the NHS). I’m working on the Spine II project which is aiming to replace the existing Spine system with a more cost-effective open-source implementation built in-house by HSCIC. My focus is on providing performance and operational improvements in the run-up to the service going live.

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